On Thursday, 1 September 2016 at 16:52:41 UTC, Karabuta wrote:

Good write-up. However the font-family and font-size makes reading a little difficult.

The font family is the same as the rest of dlang.org. As for the size, what sort of device and resolution are you using? The theme is a modified version of one of the stock Wordpress themes. I tweaked it to have a bit of a larger font, but it's a responsive theme with settings for multiple resolutions and it's possible I missed something (I'd really love to have someone with lots of CSS experience to maintain the theme full-time -- it's just not my thing).

Otherwise, font family and size are both highly subjective and I'm not inclined to change it unless I get a mass of complaints about it. You can always increase the size in your browser (like Ctrl + mouse wheel in Chrome, which will remember it).

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