On 02/09/2016 3:25 PM, Jeremy DeHaan wrote:
Hi everyone,

I know I'm super late to the party for this, and sorry for that. While
my work on the precise GC didn't go as planned, it is closer than it was
to be getting merged.

My open PR for the actual inclusion of the precise GC is here:

Even though GSoC is over and it isn't quite ready to be merged, I will
still continue working on it in the hopes it'll get in. I have about a
month until school starts up again, and I'm going to try to get it
merged before that point.

Through the work I did and the research of a couple of GC topics, I
discovered that I really enjoyed working on the garbage collector and I
plan on continuing that. I was recently accepted to the University of
Washington's computer science program and I am currently working on
getting some independent study classes set up for future GC work. Once I
have some better programming chops I'm hoping to help take D's GC to new

Thanks to Martin Nowak and Adam Wilson for being my mentors and for
keeping me going, to Rainer Schuetze for doing a significant portion of
code review, and to the D community for giving me the opportunity to do
this work.


Awesome, please do keep going with it! It would be great over the next few years to get some research papers out of this.

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