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There are lot of projects using LLVM [1]. The fact that LDC if often cited in the release notes means that it's one of the best. This is free advertisement, as the LLVM release notes are read by PL people that may not know D. The fact that LDC is recognized as one of the most important LLVM projects also means that the LLVM folks will try to help the LDC folks when needed.

[1] http://llvm.org/ProjectsWithLLVM/

i dont think counting each time when ldc and d are mentioned in llvm community will help ldc and d to become popular)))

News ticker often refer to the LLVM release notes. E.g. the Heise news ticker (http://www.heise.de/) always reports about a new LLVM release. But I never succeded to place a new LDC release into the ticker. It's simply a good way to more people and get some advertising.

With every new LDC release I inform LLVM Weekly (http://llvmweekly.org/), too, which is a widely read news letter. From one of these source, news about LDC spread to other sites like phoronix (http://phoronix.com/).

Maybe counting of each reference is a bit childish (but fun). The real question is:

What do YOU do to advocate D?


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