On Friday, 16 September 2016 at 12:53:44 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
What started out as a highlight of Timur's open source game, Atrium, turned into an introduction to several of his D projects. And it looks like I've managed to make this announcement without a typo in the title this week. If you notice any mistakes in the blog post, please let me know!

The post:


Nice post, but both game and dmech fails when I try to build them on my ubuntu x64. Dmech demo complains about sse:

dlib ~master: building configuration "library"...
../../../dlib-master/dlib/filesystem/stdfs.d(34,8): Deprecation: module std.c.stdio is deprecated - Import core.stdc.stdio instead ../../../dlib-master/dlib/filesystem/stdfs.d(73,22): Error: function core.stdc.stdio.fseek (shared(_IO_FILE)* stream, long offset, int whence) is not callable using argument types (shared(_IO_FILE)*, fpos_t, int) ../../../dlib-master/dlib/math/sse.d(184,25): Error: bad type/size of operands 'mov'

I can't find atrium on dub; snapshot from github won't compile (and INSTALL instructions seem wrong).

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