On Monday, 19 September 2016 at 18:05:34 UTC, Lurker wrote:

Good news anyway! Do you have any preliminary results or goals and expectations that you are going to achieve with your rework? Is it mostly perf/memory improvements, are there any new features that this rework will unlock?

Thanks for your hard work!

I stated my expectations earlier I think there will be a 2-6x performance increase in the non-jited version and around 10-14x for the jit.
My preliminary results do support that claim.

As for new features I do not plan on doing language-changes as I do not have the ability to anticipate the outcome of doing so.

My work will probably have side-effects on the rest of dmd, for example the AST is hard to work with in some cases. I would to add like some support for frontend-optimisations as well.

I will also improve documentation in some areas and hope to lower the entry-barrier for dmd-development.

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