On Tuesday, 2 August 2016 at 18:33:02 UTC, Stefan wrote:
Topic is "D's Gems: Ranges"
Speakers are Mario (Author of dunit and duml) and Dragos (Author of asynchronous).

We did the first Meetup. Roughly 20 people have been there, with very interesting questions during the whole Meetup. (Hopefully this will continue in such numbers!).

Here are the amazing slides:
Mario did the rough introduction: https://github.com/d-muc/talks/raw/master/2016_09_21.ranges/part_1_input_ranges.pdf And Dragos continued: https://github.com/d-muc/talks/raw/master/2016_09_21.ranges/part_2_forward_bidirectional_random-access.pdf

After that Seb did a Live Coding session. Impressions could be seen here:

We would be very glad to meet other people from the forum at the Meetups. Already pitiful enough, that Andrei will have no time this year for a visit.
Will keep you informed once we scheduled the next Meetup.

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