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Mir is LLVM-accelerated Generic Numerical Library for Science and Machine Learning.


Mir v0.18.0 release notes:
The release includes Mir's D Foundation GSoC project.

Do not forget to star the project:

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Sounds great!
During my time studying mathematics - in the last century, one Dr. of the mathematical department has developed a C++ library as glue to some fast C libs using the possibility of operator overloading, to make the formulation of matrix algorithms quite beautiful.

So would it be possible to get:

// Performs: c := alpha a x b + beta c
// glas is a pointer to a GlasContext
glas.gemm(alpha, a, b, beta, c);

transformed to something like:

Matrix A,B;
Real alpha,beta;
Vektor c;

c = alpha * A * B + beta * c;

Maybe not for performance but for readability purpose?

There was a recent thread about operator overloading but I didn't understood the problem.
(sorry, still a D newbie).

Regards mt.

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