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>> Please, add Sublime support
>> @WebFreak001: I too am curious as to why you chose to support two obscure
>> editors rather than Sublime as your first supported editors. (Obscure
>> compared to Sublime anyway).
>> First thing that comes to mind is Sublime is closed source, then one
>> thinks why not limetext, then I realise that feels like a tip of the hat to
>> #golang which feels like betrayal in some ways :D.
>> Really like what you are doing with workspace-d regardless of the Sublime
>> Text support.
>> PS: is it because those two editors are JS based?
>> PS2: dml completion...nice! Really want to try that out since dlangui got
>> console support.
> well having JS support is great because it means I don't need to port my
> code, but I didn't add support to sublime because I never used it.
> Especially the fact that you can buy it makes me wanna not get it becuase
> that means the free version has some disadvantages to the paid version. And
> its just a simple text editor, not really wanting to pay for that.
> Especially for that price.

I haven't used anything else since I started using Sublime because of
CTRL+d (multi select the next match of my current selection) and fuzzy
search of the available commands.

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