On Monday, 10 October 2016 at 08:47:54 UTC, Robert burner Schadek wrote:

StatsD allows to collect statistics about any application by using counters, gauges and more through UDP.


auto s = new StatsD("", 1234, ""); // connect to statsd server

s(Counter("Foo")); // increment counter "Foo"
s.inc("Bar"); // increment counter "Foo"

s(Counter("Args"), // send stats to Args, H, and timeA
  Counter("H", someIntValue),  // in one UDP message
  Timer("timeA", someTimeInMS)

  auto a = ScopeTimer("args", s); // automatic time collection

Never heard about this either, I ignore node.js stuff. I was just reading this interesting post on tracing/profiling a couple days ago: is it efficient enough to find some of these tail latency issues?


Given even Dtrace doesn't always work, Statsd is not going to work for all of those either, but I wonder if it will work sometimes.

Btw, pretty damning of HN/reddit that neither has that tracing link, which is why I don't read those stupid sites.

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