On 14/10/2016 7:15 AM, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
Hello everyone,

Please join me in welcoming Lucia Lucia Cojocaru to our team. Lucia is a
MSc student in computer security, having Razvan Deaconescu and Razvan
RughiniÈ™ as advisers. She just completed an internship at Bloomberg.

Her BSc thesis work[1] is an educational tool for facilitating better
understanding of dynamic linking and loading. The code is open source[2].

Lucia is interested in D-related projects for her MSc research.

The plan with our new team members Lucia and Alexandru (and hopefully
1-2 more) is to first get them through a month-long bootcamp process
during which they get familiar with the language and toolchain. An
integral part of the bootcamp is to get a few bugs fixed such that the
newcomers make some positive impact from the get-go and get used to the
review process.




[2] https://github.com/somzzz/dyninspector

Hello and welcome!

As I mentioned with Alexandru, feel free to come join us on #d Freenode.
If you have any problems we can help you there :)

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