On 19/10/2016 7:21 AM, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
Hi everyone,

Please join me in welcoming Razvan Nitu to our fledgling team of
Romanian graduate students.

Razvan has already some solid industrial experience and has a broad area
of interests such as low-level kernel-level development, networking,
distributed filesystems, and more. We're sure he'll find something to
pique his interest :o).

We are setting up the team in an office at University "Politehnica"
Bucharest, close to their academic advisors. For now they're in bootcamp
getting familiar with our toolchain. Please help me in getting everyone
up to speed.

Welcome, Razvan!


Hello and welcome!

As usual, you're welcome to join us in #d on Freenode if you just want to chat or ask for some help.

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