Minor update to mysql-native: A client driver for MySQL/MariaDB written natively in D from scratch via the published protocol specs, with no dependency on the C MySQL client library. Supports either Phobos or Vide.d sockets (works with or without Vibe.d).

DUB: http://code.dlang.org/packages/mysql-native

In v0.1.7:
- New: Test suite automatically tests with both Vibe and Phobos sockets, not just Phobos. (@Abscissa) - Change: Drop support for DMDFE 2.066.1 and below. Compiles on DMDFE 2.067.1 through 2.072.0.
- Fixed: Fix an import deprecation message for DMD 2.071. (@Abscissa)
- Fixed: #57: Added support for passing null parameters in prepared statements by using Variant(null) (@machindertech)
- Fixed: #63/#69: Add escape module to package import (@Marenz)
- Fixed: #68: Update alias syntax (@Marenz)

Full changelog:

I know I've said docs and examples are a top priority for mysql-native, but it's become clear that the API is in serious need of a refresh, so for the most part, I've held off on the docs this time to avoid wasted effort documenting to-be-deprecated interfaces.

Unless any pressing issues appear, expect the next release to be an experimental branch showcasing a beta of a new API. If possible, I'd like to have at least one release where the old API is still functional, but deprecated.

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