On 11/16/2016 03:50 AM, Kagamin wrote:
On Wednesday, 25 May 2016 at 16:47:30 UTC, Nick Sabalausky wrote:
Drives me nuts when people count "Always uses GTK on Linux" as "Native
UI". It's like those programs that do everything completely
Ubuntu-centric whenever possible and then advertise "Linux Support". I
*really* wish GTK would just die already.


Yea, I spotted that. Looks nice, I hope it gets merged, but I'm not holding my breath:

- As its notes say, it is still incomplete

- The pull's author has stated (in discussion for #30) he doesn't intend to finish it

- Plus it's just been sitting unmerged since May

- The libui author himself still maintains he doesn't want Qt support and feels it's redundant since Qt exists (which makes me wonder what he feels the point of his own lib is in the first place, since, why use libui when Qt exists and can do native look&feel on everything *including* GTK-based environments?). :(

Anyway, I'm glad there's D bindings for this, but I do wish the libui author would change his stance and allow a Qt backend, because that would make this a very attractive lib.

*Or* maybe GTK could just add support for Qt themes (without then removing the feature in a point release), but we all know that will never happen :/

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