On 11/17/2016 09:16 AM, Dicebot wrote:
2) It is a regular update. In that case revision number is simply git
history. For example DIP1002 is currently at revision 7 (git log
--pretty=oneline DIPs/DIP1002.md | wc -l).

Same goes for update of reviews - everything is tracked in git history.
At any given point of time you simply throw away everything old and keep
only most recent versions.

OK, so we're just using git for versioning, which should work fine. The one potential issue I see with it is the version number is not indicative of how many review cycles have been passed. E.g. DIP1002 is already at revision 7, which is an irrelevant number to the casual reader. "What do you think of DIP2749?" "Which revision you mean?" "Well it's revision 38." "Would that be before or after the third review?" etc.

I'd like to have a simple tag a la DIP2749 v1 for the first review round, DIP2749 v2 for the second review round, and so on. So then people can refer to "DIP2749 v3" in casual conversation. Is this feasible?


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