On 11/17/2016 10:43 AM, Dicebot wrote:
Yes. Assuming you do want multiple review iterations support, I can
imagine something like this:

- new "review candidate #" field is added to the header
- it is set to 0 on initial merge and to 1 after incorporating initial
NG feedback
- it also references specific DIP version hash matching time of
incrementing the version
- changes to DIP are made in a regular manner. When author is done, rc #
is incremented and hash gets updated
- included reviews refer to specific rc #

If that sounds good, I'll make a PR to update README and ping you from

Yes, it does sound good. I think in general the "Information Requested" stage may contain one or more hefty reviews and also ask for arbitrarily complex information. So we need to allow submitters the opportunity to submit a distinct version of the same DIP with significant enhancements that is essentially a new document (with its own review!) save for the DIP number. Thanks! -- Andrei

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