contrary to what i said ealier, there is now a way to get list of known files, with their times and packed size (if containter supports that feature).

zip reader now understands all standard zip methods (including "shrink", "reduce" and "implode"), and LZMA (no external lzma library required). currently there are no plans to support BZip2 and PPMd compression.

internal structures creates less pressure on GC and way less false positives: instead of registering the whole allocated memory "just in case", getPointerBitmap is used to register only pointers. and many internal structs doesn't have GC pointers at all.

added module, so it is possible to use good old `write*`, `readf`, `readln` API on VFile. it also wraps standard input and output, so to do console i/o you now can import instead of std.stdio. there is also `byLine` and `byLineCopy` API. not a speed demon, tho, so i'd not try to process terrabytes of text data with it.

added zip creation module.

not really new, but worth mentioning anyway: there is nice API to read/write endianness-neutral numeric values. readNum!T and writeNum!T. and `rawReadExact()` low-level API, to read the whole buffer or throw.

added Ken Silverman's GRP support. i had to mention it somewhere.

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