On Thursday, 29 December 2016 at 21:11:56 UTC, WebFreak001 wrote:
Hi, I just wrote my first tutorial and its about setting up LDC for Android compilation.

It is mostly based off the Build LDC for Android Wiki page but I have written it so it is easier to understand for beginners. I followed the Wiki page and for example had some problems because I used an x86 emulator instead of arm. Also the adb connect commands were a bit weird. So I wrote all commands how they worked for me and how its the simplest to setup.

Also I included a bit more to encourage the user to play around with the code and ensure it works.

Any feedback would be appreciated as this is the first tutorial I have ever written.

Link: https://webfreak.org/2016-12-29-Android-Development-in-D.md

(I just setup that website so its still pretty blank)

Nice, just the sort of docs D needs, especially since I've never used the emulator and have always avoided the SDK GUI.

I just updated the ldc for Andoid wiki page with some newer instructions, which should change your post a little. In particular, you don't have to specify the llvm target triple anymore: the latest 1.1.0 builds assume you're cross-compiling for Android/ARM.

Also, the dmd for Android wiki page is outdated, as it notes at the top. However, it has some more detail on the build process, so if you linked it for that, no big deal.

Only skimmed your post, I'll read it in more detail and may have more feedback later. Thanks for writing it up. :)

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