Good day.

Aedi release 0.1.0 is available now.
Following changes from 0.0.1 have been made:
- Added annotation based configuration.
- Added additional logic in register based configuration, to handle composite containers. - Added support for setting and auto-wiring of public fields, along with methods.
- Added factory method pattern to library.
- Added switchable container, that can be switched on and off (in offline mode no objects are served). - Added a proof of concept implementation of proxy based container (though not working at the moment).
- Added and improved documentation.
- Added unittests, testing most of the code.
- Improved register based configuration handling of containers with simple data. - Improved error reporting, when a method mismatch, or incompatibility with configuration occurs. - Implemented support for struct construction and configuration (now di containers are - able to construct and wire them too).
- Updated examples to reflect new abilities.
- Removed Register struct from register based configuration, due to no need.

For the next release, planning to add:
- pre and post instantiation processing.
- fiddle with proxy based containers, that can serve proxy objects instead of real ones. - probably, some sort of integration with vibed, and other libs/frameworks.

Project's repository:
Project's documentation (check aedi package members for start):

Waiting for reviews, and bug reporting.

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