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> On Wednesday, 4 January 2017 at 19:22:33 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu
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> > We release a brief Vision document summarizing the main goals
> > we plan to pursue in the coming six months. This half we are
> > focusing on three things: safety, lifetime management, and
> > static introspection.
> >
> > https://wiki.dlang.org/Vision/2017H1
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> >
> > Andrei
> I hope dlang can support QT5 binding

Binding to Qt in general is really nasty in comparison to a lot of C++ code,
since Qt does stuff like have its own preprocessor to generate additional
code so that signals and slots work. We had qtd (which did Qt4), but it
seems to have lost all its contributors and died off a few years ago, and it
seems to have used Qt Jambi stuff (or at least been based on it) and Qt
Jambi doesn't seem to have ever made the transition to Qt5. So, I don't know
how possible it would be to get qtd to work with Qt5, even if the original
contributors were still working on it (but it doesn't seem to compile now,
so it's not even currently viable for Qt4). I think that someone put up a
solution on code.dlang.org that involves QML, but I have no idea how well it
works or how complete it is (personally, I have less than zero interest in

I've actually started work on a solution for binding Qt5 to D, because I
have something I'm working on that uses Qt, and I'm sick of doing the GUI
portion in C++. So, I may end up releasing a Qt5 bindings project at some
point here, but I'm making no promises.

- Jonathan M Davis

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