Just import iup like this:

import iup;  // for IUP
import im;   // for Imaging Toolkit
import cd;   // for 2D Graphics Library

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????: Re: Iup4D 1.0 alpha

On Friday, 20 January 2017 at 15:23:51 UTC, Heromyth wrote:
> Iup4D is a D binding library for IUP with OOP style. Its API is 
> similar to WinForms.
> This software is licensed under the Boost Software License, 
> Version 1.0.
> It's still under active development and is only tested on 
> Windows X86.
> The repository is at https://github.com/Heromyth/Iup4D.

This looks pretty good, looking forward to trying it out fully.
Just a quick thing, I managed to compile and run the ButtonTest 
module, but when building it I had to put in various import 
statements like so:

import iup.menu : IupMenu; // had to had this line
public iup.menu.IupMenu mdiMenu() { return m_menu; }

Without the added import, I get a compiler error: undefined 
identifier 'menu' in package 'iup'. I had to add about 4 or 5 
such imports.

I'm sure it's user error with me building it manually and not 
setting up include paths properly, but anyway, just wondering if 
it was planned to release this through dub as well?

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