On 15/02/2017 10:17 AM, Walter Bright wrote:
    I am happy to announce that there will be a special addition to this
year's DConf.

    The conference will not end after the three days of talks but
continue on into Sunday for a hackathon during which people can
collaboratively focus on long-lasting problems and pain points in the D
ecosystem. Of course, any D hackers who wish to simply progress their
own personal projects are welcome too! Sociomantic has once again been
an amazing host and reserved the same venue (Heimathafen) for this day
as well.

   The motivation for adding a D ecosystem hackathon (besides having
fun) is that a lot of time is wasted due to communication latency
because most people can only hack during the night or weekends. At last
year’s DConf, the “birds of feather” groups were intended to reduce this
communication problem, but sadly the scheduling didn’t quite provide
enough time. Thus, the DConf 2017 hackathon isn't a hackathon in the
tradition sense as most of the time and focus will hopefully be spent
discussing, planning and developing future D projects.

    More details will follow shortly and will be announced here and on

Even though I'm not going, if anybody wants to work on getting an image library for Phobos going, get in touch with me please. I will do my best to be available in any communication means (including IRC & Skype) during this time.

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