One more update to the MySQL/MariaDB client lib, hopefully the last before v1.0.0 final.

This one actually includes quite a few more changes I wanted to get in as long as it's making the big leap up to v1.0.0 (see below).

For now, this still lives in a separate fork:

To use it:
$ git clone
$ dub add-local path/to/mysql-native-experimental

And then, when you're doing using this preview:
$ dub remove-local path/to/mysql-native-experimental

Docs here:

I'm going to give this a week. If no fundamental, release-delaying issues/objections come up, and nobody speaks up that they could use more time to evaluate it, then on Feb 26 I'll merge this branch back over to the official mysql-native repo, and tag it as v1.0.0.


Changes in 'v1.0.0-rc4' since the previous preview, 'v0.2.0-preview3':

- Much more documentation improvement.

- Added a Prepared.sql getter, to retrieve the sql for a prepared statement. (Previously it was inaccessible.)

- ResultSet.asAA and ResultRange.asAA now return Variant[string] instead
of DBValue[string]. DBValue is no longer needed and now deprecated (as it was only used by `asAA` and Variant now handles null properly.)

- Fixed: Row.isNull(index) isn't a setter, so don't mark it @property (confuses the doc generator).

- Rename MySqlPool to MySQLPool to be consistent with other parts of the API.

- MySQLPool now supports vibe.d's ConnectionPool.maxConcurrency feature.

- Improved separation between internal ("mysql.protocol") and external interfaces.
  - No longer publicly imports internal-only symbols by default.
  - Renamed module `mysql.protocol.commands` to `mysql.commands`.
  - Renamed module `mysql.protocol.prepared` to `mysql.prepared`.
- Moved `ParameterSpecialization` into `mysql.prepared` (was in `mysql.protocol.extra_types`). - Moved `ColumnSpecialization` into `mysql.commands` (was in `mysql.protocol.extra_types`). - Moved the other public-API members of `mysql.protocol.extra_types` into new modules `mysql.metadata` and `mysql.types`. - Split module "mysql.common" into two different modules: "mysql.exceptions" and "mysql.protocol.socket"

I also reorganized/rewrote the v1.0.0 changelog entry to be a bit more readable, so take a look at the overall changes from the previous release, v0.1.7, to this latest release candidate, v1.0.0-rc4

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