So I was able to reserve the last two days to work on something new, and one thing that is currently rather lacking in the D/vibe.d web ecosystem is embedded commenting, be it for vibe.d's own blog engine [1]/[2] or for the DDOX based standard library documentation [3]. So I went ahead and created a little comment engine inspired by Disqus and Isso: (screenshot inside)

It has a similar tree based structure with user voting, doesn't require registration and a basic set of functionality works without JavaScript support.

Currently the only backend supported is MongoDB, but adding more is rather simple. Using NNTP as the target, as was discussed a few times in the past, is slightly tricky because editing and comment deletion needs to be supported. However, there is a limited time frame for those operations, so afterwards messages could be mirrored to a newsgroup safely (the other way around would of course always work).

Any comments suggestions and especially helping hands are highly appreciated!


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