first, this is a weekend project to improve the underlying libraries, not a rival for existing audio/media players. yet it still may be of some interest.

Amper is a WinAMP2/XMMS insipred player, with WinAMP2/XMMS skin support. it is using X11 for UI and ALSA for sound output. some ineresting features of Amper are:

* pure D audio code, no external decoder libraries required (and no SDL);
* supports FLAC, Vorbis, Opus, MP3 playback;
* various hardware sampling rates with transparent resampling of source audio;
* multiband equalizer (the code is there, but UI is not ready yet);
* font rendering via FreeType, and font selecting via fontconfig;
* reading skins directly from zip archives via iv.vfs library;
* windowing via arsd.simpledisplay library;
* CLI control utility (using simple RPC library iv.ncrpc);
* notification area icon with hint window;
* sound playback is done in background thread (std.concurrency rox!);
* other k00l things i forget.

screenshot: [0]
Amper repo: [1]
IV repo (required to build Amper): [2]
ARSD repo (required to build Amper): [3]

if you have all the pathes set right, "rdmd amper.d" will start Amper.

as this is very WIP, you can't add files to playlist from UI yet (lol), so you have to pass 'em at command line, like this:
        rdmd amper.d mymusic.opus

WARNING! this is *WIP* code. many features are missing, and there are alot of bugs. yet Amper already can play music, and you can control it (to some extent) with a mouse. please, don't report bugs, as i probably already know about 'em (but tnx for trying).

i'm announcing the project at this early stage to show that D can be used for "serious programs", including decoding various complicated audio formats and DSP processing, and for writing "fancy" UIs.

please note that arsd.simpledisplay supports windows too, this is just my code that doesn't (but i'll eventually fix it, so Amper will be able to work on windows).

also please note that Amper is not a frontend to some existing audio decoding/playback library, all audio processing is done with D!

you will prolly need dmd 2.073.2 to build Amper (lower versions not tested).

skin credits: PipBoy2000 by Gerko.

p.s.: press ctrl+q to quit Amper. ;-)

p.p.s.: please, no reddit/lobsters/slashdot/etc.


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