On 04/07/2017 11:14 AM, Walter Bright wrote:

Yes, this is for real! Symantec has given their permission to relicense
it. Thank you, Symantec!

Wow! This is HUGE news for D, and may I say, I think some *major* respect (and "props, j00!") are *well-deserved* here not only from Walter's work, but also by Symantec themselves.

AFAIK, Symantec were under no particular obligation here, but none-the-less chose the consumer/developer-friendly route, and I for one couldn't be more appreciative. I'm one who can be very critical of, well, everything, but the fine folks at Symantec have earned an enormous amount of respect from me, and dare I say, the whole D language community as well, in this one much-appreciated move. Major kudos, and eternal thanks to all involved :)

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