snowflkeId.d : Twitter's Snowflke ID generate generate only ID
    container : the container base std.experimental.allocator
        cirularqueue : Cirular Queue Struct Template.
        vector : Like as C++'s std::vector
eventloop : the io(Net) event loop. support EPOLL, KQUEUE , IOCP. asyncsocket : The async socket base std.scoket and yu.eventloop client : the easy Use TCP client. Has time out and connect try, and mitil-client server : the easy Use TCP server. Has Time out and auto close .
        Acceptor : Tcp listen and accept
        TCPClient : Base Tcp client
        TCPSocket : Base TCP connection
        UDPSocket : Base Udp connection
    timer : Timer
        eventlooptimer : the timer base yu.eventloop
timingwheeltimer : Time wheel algorithm . base std.experimental.allocator
allictor : the yuAlloctor and easy make object base yuAlloctor. Base std.experimental.allocator
        gc : gcFree to easy free the memory in GC
        scopedref : the Unique Ptr/Ref like C++'s std::unique_ptr.
        sharedref : the RC Ptr/Ref like C++'s std::shared_ptr
        smartref : easy to create the scopedref and sharedref
array : Extend Phobos's std.array. IAppender base std.experimental.allocator
    bytes : add find in byte or ubyte.
    exception : Extend Phobos's std.exception.
    functional : add bind use delegate.
    string : Extend Phobos's std.string.
    task : the task base std.experimental.allocator
    thread : auto attach thread
    traits : : Extend Phobos's std.traits.

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