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> sorry for being rude, but this is exactly the example of things
> programmers 
> like to write: fun, quite easy, and absolutely useless. most of the
> time it 
> will be filtered away by ide/editor, and otherwise it is *harder* to
> read, 
> 'cause it will almost certainly not match editor's syntax coloring
> settings, 
> so reader will have to mentally strip the colors first.

Also the default colours chosen by the developer usually work well for
the them and their (and if you are lucky reviewers) terminal settings
and are totally useless for a huge section of using audience (most of
whom remain silent for various reasons). Take Git for example. I end up
having to run:

git … | more

to get rid of the colours. The default colours might work for the Git
developers but fail dismally for me. I cannot be bothered to get into
the detail of how to change the Git colouring so I use more to get rid
of it. 

I like having colours, for exactly the same reason colouring is good in
source code editing, they can apply semantic (albeit often syntactic)
coding, but all too often the colour choices are dreadful and too
difficult to change. Hence all too often I have to:

emacs --color=no

I still like colouring, it is just that mostly it is done for a given
terminal setting, and/or in a way too difficult to change locally.

> while much harder task -- showing which exactly template failed in
> template 
> constraint -- is very hard to implement (i tried it, i know it), but
> will 
> immediately benefit *anyone*, and will be really useful.
> i'm not trying to say that you should drop the things you like to
> work on, 
> and switch to the things i like, of course. but this patch, IMO,
> doesn't 
> deserve a dedicated NG post.
> sorry again, i'm frustrated by dmd inability to generate valid .o
> file from 
> completely valid source, so can be harsh today.
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