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> I was surprised as well, pleasantly of course. Using a simple
> example may have helped. Personally, I'm not bothered by the
> specific instances of negative feedback on Reddit. It's hard to
> write a post that manages to avoid that sort of thing entirely.
> It was also nice to see related follow-up in the D forums ("how
> to count lines fast" and "std.csv Performance Review"). It's less
> if the case for how well suited D's facilities are for the type
> of problem came across. It's much more clear in the Compile-Time
> Sort post.

And even the reddit discussion on the compile-time sort post devolved a bit
into arguments over stuff like enums as manifest constants. Using reddit to
get information out there is useful, but from what I've seen, the comments
usually devolve into a fairly negative discussion. I don't spend much time
on reddit though.

- Jonathan M Davis

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