Dear community,

there is a new release of my gc-free library, tanya. I don't announce each release, so I want to tell short about the latest development and plans for the next releases.

The most work in the last time was done on containers. These were added:

- DList - Doubly-linked list.
- String - UTF-8 string.
- Set - The first version of hash based container that holds unique values without a particular order. Currently supports only integral values. Support for more types comes in the next release.
- Vector was renamed to Array.

The containers support ranges.

- Some bug fixes in RefCounted
- New Scoped - allocator-aware object wrapper, that destroys the owned object at the end of the scope.

The work on the containers will be continued. I also started to rethink the networking and the event loop parts of my library. Trying to extend it I discovered some flaws. So it is a further area, I'm working to provide a more complete networking solution.

And it can be that multi-threading will come sooner than I planned originally.

And I introduced a short release cycle for the first time: 3 weeks (But I won't flood the forum each time :)). And from now on I'm trying to deprecate features at least for one release before breaking the code to stabilize the code base a bit.

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