Protein rich foods: the hair's main body is a keratinized protein, the intake of sufficient protein every day is good for hair growth. Fish, meat, eggs, soy products, such as milk, protein rich food, gastro intestinal digestion and absorption to form various kinds of amino acid, into the blood, white hair roots of the hair papilla to absorb and synthesize keratin, the horny, is our hair. Foods rich in vitamin B, C vitamin C can activate the capillary wall, so that the hair can easily absorb the nutrients in the blood; and vitamin B can promote hair growth, hair a natural luster effect. Usually eat more, such as malt and other rich in vitamin B and vitamin C fresh vegetables and fruits, the restoration of healthy hair shine, half work times the effect. Soy protein is the basis of hair, but many women lose weight, often small intake of meat, eggs and other high protein foods, so slow hair growth, and soy products are scarce, can best supplement protein not fattening. Gelatinous foods: foods containing gum are not only good for the skin, they also increase the toughness of the hair and make the hair look denser.

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