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I just tried it and it is really magic how good unittests can be, I love it showing the source code where it went wrong, I

Yes, a lot of programming languages have such assert libraries... and they are so helpful

guess that might be a security risk but if anyone uses asserts in a production environment and it's leaking passwords it's their fault anyway.

If you are referring to the the fact that the source code is displayed, it should be ok, since if the files are not found near the test build, the code will not be displayed. Anyway... it might be a good idea to allow the library on the release build only if you provide a certain flag. Failing the release build if the library is included it might be useful since there is no reason to link it with the production code.

I am not really a fan of the thing but I like the Assert.equals() function, just looks more natural and easier to read to me + it is understandable by people who can't speak english better.

I thought that not anyone likes the BDD approach so I added `Assert`... I think it's good to have options

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