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> I would add a note to the "static arrays are interchangeable with
> dynamic arrays" saying that you can... and probably should
> explicitly slice them with `[]`.
> The implicit slice is one of what I see as D's design flaws and
> brings up a number of problems. dip1000 and similar things might
> be able to fix the problems without changing the feature, but I
> won't be surprised if after a couple more years, we see that
> implicit slice get deprecated.

The trick is convincing Walter. The last time I brought it up with him, he
thought that improvements to @safe would fix the problem - and they will
help - but it interacts badly with templated code, and I think that from a
code clarity standpoint, the slicing needs to be explicit. So, I'm of the
opinion that implicit slicing should simply be deprecated regardless of the
state of @safe, but I don't know how possible it is to convince Walter of
that. Fixing the @safe issues is at least a start though.

- Jonathan M Davis

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