On 7/12/17 12:40 AM, Vitor Rozsas wrote:
* First of all, does Dlang.org have it's own website for hiring D programmers or offering D programming services? If not, it should!

I need a project, and I want it done with D (please note that it will be open-sourced, but I'll pay for the first functioning version). It is supposed to be useful for users of the project AND for learners of D (so lots of comments in the source code are actually encouraged!).

It's a social media. More specifically, an incensurable social media; all it's posts will be stored in a blockchain, and this will be copied and distributed through the world. I had the idea after seeing that many political posts were being removed from Facebook and Twitter. They are controlling people's opinions and I don't like it. People should be free to say whatever they want, this is freedom of speech.

Have you heard of https://gab.ai ? They are doing something similar (in terms of providing an uncensored platform).


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