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A transaction would simply change the owner of the cents and not create any message in the database. Change the owner by changing the values (owner) of the keys (cents) being transferred.

Blockchains work by making the entire history available to be verified and computed against. This is entirely its selling point.
So no, a block chain can never be fixed sized.

After all, how do you know that X owns the coin and not just some random node trying to corrupt and steal every bodies coins?

But it's so expensive... Soon, bitcoin will have a whole terabyte to be downloaded... So, no deal?
That's sad.

I was thinking of doing something big... An operating system? With everything that a user could desire of? Big projects are necessary, for D to get more... known (and therefore, more used).

A phone OS (ARM)?

I heard that DMD will accept ARM very soon. While that doesn't happen, there are other compilers for ARM... So a phone OS could be interesting.
A phone OS written in D.

There are kernels done in D already.
But I don't think they are as complete as Linux's for example.

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