Congratulations to Timon Gehr. Not only was his "Static foreach" DIP accepted, it picked up a good deal of praise from Walter & Andrei. I've added my summary to the Review section of the DIP, but I'll quote it here in full:

"This DIP was accepted by the language authors. Both Proposal 1 and Proposal 2 were accepted. Evaluation of the suggested future improvements has been put off until some future date when sufficient experience with the implementation has been accumulated.

Regarding Proposal 1, they find it integrates well with the rest of the language and falls within the spirit of D. They see it more as the removal of a limitation than the addition of a feature, and like that it reuses the syntax and semantics of existing language entities (`alias` and `enum`). They see Proposal 2 as the core of the DIP, finding that it is well-motivated and liking that it reuses elements of Proposal 1.

On the whole, they believe that this DIP obeys the rule of least astonishment in that most of the examples work as expected and are easy to understand by lowering to the pre-DIP language. They also say that the examples are a good sanity check to ensure that the feature fulfills its envisioned applications, and that the DIP is exceptionally well written. This should be read as a note to future DIP authors that they will not be wrong to use this DIP as a model."

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