On Tuesday, 18 July 2017 at 04:26:42 UTC, Ali Çehreli wrote:
On 07/16/2017 10:24 AM, Jean-Louis Leroy wrote:
> TL;DR: see here

Woot! :) I'm so happy to see this project complete.

Honestly, growing up with languages without this feature (C and C++), I've not even known that I needed this feature but your example (e.g. matrix multiplication) are very convincing.

Thanks :) I added another example that shows how open methods are a superior alternative to Visitor: https://github.com/jll63/methods.d/blob/master/examples/novisitor/source/app.d

If there are enough differences compared to your C++ articles, perhaps you may consider following this up with a blog post. It would be nice to see some performance results as well like you have on your C++ articles.

Yes I will probably write something. You mean on the D Blog?

As for performance, I have a first result: https://github.com/jll63/methods.d/blob/master/benchmarks/source/benchmarks.d#L122 but I still have to implement the "first argument optimization". I am working on it.



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