On 07/18/2017 12:06 AM, Jean-Louis Leroy wrote:

> Yes I will probably write something. You mean on the D Blog?

Not necessarily but why not. :)

> As for performance, I have a first result:
> https://github.com/jll63/methods.d/blob/master/benchmarks/source/benchmarks.d#L122
> but I still have to implement the "first argument optimization". I am
> working on it.

I could use some explanation for the results but I can for the blog article. ;)

It's not surprising that ldc (and gdc) can be much better than dmd in optimization.

By the way, I'm in awe of your D skills in such a short time! I'm sure there are parts of the code that can be cleaned up but it's taking advantage of many powerful features of the language. I still think the usage can be made easier but I'm not sure yet. I hope others will take a look at the code and come up with an easier interface. Perhaps they are all needed but I'm thinking about the need for forward declaration, the need for the underscore prefix, etc.


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