On Tuesday, 18 July 2017 at 21:20:04 UTC, jmh530 wrote:
On Tuesday, 18 July 2017 at 21:16:11 UTC, jmh530 wrote:

I may not have been clear enough. My ideal solution wouldn't make any changes to that densematrix.d file, just the interface. So I don't have any issue with the matrix modules doing the math and the app doing the printing.

Well, I suppose the matrix interface would be saying that it can print, so maybe not as split up as you would like. While you could define a separate interface for printing, that would require a change to densematrix.

Exactly. Orthogonality is essential for good composition, that is the reason why OOP - well, the OOP that follows the Simula/Smalltalk tradition - failed so badly. CLOS got it right 40 years ago; Simula, Smalltalk, C++, Java, etc they all got it wrong.

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