Hello! I am glad to announce a new command-line tool which should make development
 a little easier.

Program, compiled with `-cov` switch, generates *.lst files. They contain program source, number of executions of each line and total code coverage of the file. Those files are quite useful for small programs/libraries, but not that useful for big ones.

Covered processes *.lst files, and reports only useful information. Behaviour can be changed with command-line options:

  '--coverage' reports code coverage in % for each file.
  '--blame' shows list of files ordered by code coverage.
  '--average' reports average code coverage for files.

Covered works for lists of files and directories, so '--blame' can be used to find less covered files, and '--average' to compute average code coverage of the project.

More documentation is available on project page on GitHub: https://github.com/ohdatboi/covered It is also added to DUB package registry: http://code.dlang.org/packages/covered

Also, I am looking for huge projects, so I can test covered on them. Reply here or start an issue on GitHub if you know one.

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