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Since version 0.5.0 dlang-requests has become compatible with both 1.0.x and 1.1.x versions of openssl library.

Please try and report any issues on github.

dlang-requests is HTTP/FTP client library, inspired by python-requests with goals:

small memory footprint
simple, high level API
native D implementation


Vote for including it in Phobos instead curl!

Curl is well-tested and has a great number of features.

So the assumption is that curl has been there since forever, so its well tested. Anything new cannot be stable enough for everyday use?

If there's anything keeping dlang-requests from been integrated into Phobos (or a derivative), then lets report it as a bug...cus curl is not convenient to use without some abstraction layer.

HTTP is the most used protocol for everything. JavaScript is the most used language and pretty much everything done with JavaScript has HTTP involved.

Moving any third party code to std library have both "pro" and "contra" and it was discussed several times. From my point of view there is nothing wrong with modules outside of std library as long as these modules are visible to newcomers, well documented and have developer support.

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