You might remember the blog post from a while back about workspace-d and serve-d, I just released a beta version on the visual studio marketplace that allows you to try out the latest features of serve-d. Note that this version might easily break in the future, but for the next few days I am trying to gain some feedback. If you are a user of code-d and if you want to try out the new version please uninstall code-d and install code-d-beta (, it's version 0.16.1) and just try to use it.

You no longer need workspace-d or dfmt with this release as both are included inside serve-d now which replaces most of the plugin which was written in typescript before. Now that serve-d uses Microsoft's language server protocol we get a fully featured D IDE for vscode, eclipse, emacs, GNOME builder, atom and theia with very little effort to implement them! For all the basic features you can simply start serve-d with the `--require D` argument and all the basic features you would expect from a auto completion plugin would be there. (See full list of editors here: serve-d adds some custom commands that give the user more control so they might be implemented for decent implementations too + serve-d depends on 2 custom notifications on the client side for automatic installation of dscanner & dcd.

Some new features in the serve-d branch include:

* automatic module naming: when you rename a file you are currently in or create a new file a module statement will be added/changed * the English, German and Japanese translations are finally used! Thanks to Seiji Fujita for the Japanese translation * dfmt is now included inside serve-d (also in the normal code-d if you update workspace-d) * nice ddoc preview: the old preview was really chunky, this one now converts the ddoc to markdown and highlights embedded D code blocks correctly * dedicated output log: you can now attach a very verbose output debug log to issues by opening the bottom panel, going to output and copying the code-d & serve-d output. This will hopefully make debugging issues much easier! * live DScanner linting: you get errors from dscanner while you type now. Sometimes the issues are a bit off but after saving they get fixed. * Argument parsing got an update: the current parameter highlight inside the DCD tooltips should be a bit better now * goto definition should work better now and use less memory and be faster (well it's written in D now so that was to be expected)

So basically if you want to try out the latest bleeding edge version of my visual studio code plugin, uninstall the old code-d and get code-d-beta from the marketplace.

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