Joakim has put together a wonderful interview with Gerald Nunn, the maintainer of Tilix. Gerald talks about Tilix and his experience using D. It's a fun read that expands on the talk he gave at DConf this year.

With this post, I've also taken the opportunity to create a new site for extended blog posts at Be sure to follow the editorial link in the post if you'd like to read more about Gerald's background.

This is something I'm maintaining on my own to host interesting content that I (painfully!) have to cut from blog posts to keep within my editorial goals. In the future, I'll sometimes be asking guest posters to expand on material I need to cut so I can fill out a page at the new site. I'll also be adding a link to it in the sidebar of the blog once I've got more content there.

Thanks to Joakim and Gerald for taking the time to bring us this interview!



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