Thanks for the interesting idea. I decided to try something similar. (just for fun).

Decentralized Social Network (DecNet):
Is a conjunction of facebook, twitter and reddit.

Can create their own profiles (private key, public key, address, profile file) and share them through the network. Pull other profiles by address. Writing posts, replies, open threads, vote, etc. Content like images, videos, etc. cannot be stored in the profile file but should be linked through special tags (like html?).
Every client provide their own profile file.

Will provide a list of addresses where profile files can be found including an address of the owner.
Will backup profile files.

1. Content cannot be in blockchain because of overbloating the network. Every profile has their own `file` with all the content in it. 2. `Servers` can setup their exchanging limits. Like profile size limit (default 40 MB), time to live (3 to 48 hours from last profile pull).

More info will be added to the README later.

People... It just came to mind... it's a very bad idea to make an incensurable social media. It would be a safe heaven for pedophiles, drug traffickers, human traffickers, > hitmen and criminals alike.

It's similar to working as a programmer for a military. You are just a provider who provides the software.

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