On 03.08.2017 09:04, Rainer Schuetze wrote:

there is a new version 0.45 of Visual D available at http://rainers.github.io/visuald/visuald/StartPage.html

Most changes are bug fixes and incremental improvements, maybe standing out:

* improved VS 2017 integration
* task list support
* dparser update to recent language additions

See http://rainers.github.io/visuald/visuald/VersionHistory.html for the full version history.

Visual D is a Visual Studio extension that adds D language support to VS2008-2017. It is written in D, its source code can be found on github: https://github.com/D-Programming-Language/visuald, pull requests welcome.


I have uploaded a new version 0.45.1 that should fix some anti-virus programs to reject the installation or execution of Visual D (by building against the MS runtime instead of the DM runtime).

A few other changes crept in aswell, like improved tooltips and a number of bug fixes. See full list of changes here: http://rainers.github.io/visuald/visuald/VersionHistory.html

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