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> The GDC camp concurs with the sentiment of betterC being a waste of
> time.  My particular stance on the matter is that it should not be an
> all or nothing switch, granular control is fine.  The compiler should
> (and can!) produce a very small footprint whilst using the expressive
> richness of the language.
> For instance, a D project targeting STM board, makes heavy use of
> classes and templates, resultant code segment is 3k.
> https://github.com/JinShil/stm32f42_discovery_demo#the-good
> I quote the author here that when building the project, there is:
> """
> No Stinking -betterC. If you don't want the overhead of a certain
> feature of D, don't use it. -betterC is just a synonymn for -worseD.
> """

To be fair, though, the above-mentioned project did have to create a
stub druntime in order to get things to work.  Not everyone may have the
know-how required to construct a minimal druntime that works for their


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