There are a lot of improvements in DlangIDE since last announcement.

DlangIDE is a cross-platform IDE for D programming language.

Project link:

Windows binaries are available (requires only DMD or LDC to work).

* DUB package as project format
* DUB is used to build and debug projects
* DCD is integrated as a library - provides code completion, go to definition and symbol documentation lookup.
* GDB (mago-mi on windows) debugger support

Recent changes:

* Stability fixes
* DCD support fixes
* Better UI look and feel
* UI font setting added
* List of opened files is saved on exit
* Setting to reopen recent workspace on startup
* Opens project or workspace passed as commandline parameter
* UI translations improved
* DUB Subpackages support

Thanks to DlangIDE and DlangUI contributors for PRs and issue reports.

Main TODO: better debugging support - variable display. Currently it's impossible to see content referenced by pointers, struct or class members. It's main stopper from using DlangIDE for everyday development.

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