Usually, only graphs for the top 20 languages are generated on the Tiobe Index, but they were able to generate this for me (not sure if it expires at some point).

In any case, I was happy to see that D has been on the rise for the last few years.

I'm not sure exactly what has contributed to the rise, but what I've noticed the most is a huge improvement in compiler stability and usability. The website and documentation are also looking very good, where they were once hard read and to navigate.

What I would most like to see in the future would be a more complete and simplified set of tools for D.

I believe there should be at least one full-featured tool for each operating system, which includes syntax highlighting, auto-complete, symbol-information on hover, go to declaration, and runtime debugging for D. It should also include at least basic syntax highlighting for C++, and the ability to build and link that C++ code with the D program. I believe this tool should be self contained, and installable with a single click. An end user of the D programming language should never have to know anything about what dependencies are needed or installed for a given addon/extension.

I believe such a set of tools is well within reach. Some existing tools are already very close to what I've described above.

Anyways, congratulations to everyone that's contributed to the trend!

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