On Wednesday, 30 August 2017 at 18:16:47 UTC, jmh530 wrote:
On Wednesday, 30 August 2017 at 15:59:32 UTC, Jean-Louis Leroy wrote:
What happens here is that kick(Animal) is shadowed by kick(Dog). kick(Animal) is a method but it appears to the user and the compiler as an ordinary function - which is generally good. As such it is eligible for UFCS. I would not recommend this sort of coding, but it's everyone's choice, methods or not.

Likewise, methods can be overloaded (like here https://github.com/jll63/openmethods.d/blob/1.0.0-rc.1/examples/matrix/source/matrix.d#L12).

A current limitation is that default arguments are not supported (yet), although I think it's just a matter of putting the effort in.

UFCS interacts nicely with methods because you can say a.plus(b) even if 'plus' is an open method.

I can submit this as an issue on the github page, but I figured I'd mention it here in case there was some easy fix.

I tried installing the latest release from github. Compiling (Windows 7 on DMD with default options) the simple program below

import openmethods;

void main()

gives me the errors:

..\..\dubFolder\openmethods.d-1.0.0-rc.1\source\openmethods.d(970,21): Error: ca
nnot implicitly convert expression h of type ulong to uint
..\..\dubFolder\openmethods.d-1.0.0-rc.1\source\openmethods.d(1076,34): Error: c
annot implicitly convert expression dim of type ulong to uint
..\..\dubFolder\openmethods.d-1.0.0-rc.1\source\openmethods.d(1177,23): Error: c
annot implicitly convert expression h of type ulong to uint
dmd failed with exit code 1.

The error at line 1076 can be fixed by changing the type of dim in the function to size_t. I couldn't fix the other errors. I tried having the hash function return size_t also, but that just causes other problems.

I was getting similar errors and simply added a cast(size_t)[used in the indexing, as he used ulongs for indexes rather than size_t] to all those you mention. After that I got more errors that I can't recall now but was much more cryptic. I did updateMethods and added the mixin but things wern't working so I gave up. Seems like a nice idea, although, the downside that I see is one doesn't get encapsulation.

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