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Hi Wilson,

Since I believe GPU-CPU hybrid programming is the future I believe you are doing a great job for your and D lang's future.

To successfully run the dcompute CUDA test you will need a very recent LDC (less than two days) with the NVPTX backend* enabled along with a CUDA environment and an Nvidia GPU.

*Or wait for LDC 1.4 release real soon(™).

Can you please describe a bit about for starters like me how to build recent LDC.

Is this "NVPTX backend" a cmake option?
And what should I do for making my "CUDA environment" ready? Which packages should I install?

Sorry if my questions are so dummy I hope I will be able to add an example.


Hi Erdem

Sorry I've been a bit busy with uni. To build LDC just clone ldc and `git submodule --init` and run cmake, setting LLVM_CONFIG to /path/to/llvm/build/bin/llvm-config and LLVM_INTRINSIC_TD_PATH to /path/to/llvm/source/include/llvm/IR

The nvptx backend is enabled by setting LLVM's cmake variable LLVM_TARGETS_TO_BUILD to either "all", or "X86;NVPTX" along with any other archs you want to enable, (without the quotes) and then building LLVM with cmake. This will get picked up by LDC automatically.

I just installed the CUDA sdk in its entirety, but I'm sure you don't need everything from it.

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