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Digitalmars-d-announce <digitalmars-d-announce@puremagic.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> lately I finally got some time to create GDC package for Slackware Linux
> [1].
> Slackware ships gcc 5.3.0, therefore GDC package is the latest version from
> "gcc5" branch. It has phobos and druntime 2.076.0-b1 and the frontend
> somewhere between 2.075 and 2.076.
> Since Slackware packages are built by plain shell scripts, I thought I make
> an announce, because it can be used as a reference by people, who whant to
> build the latest GDC from source. The only difference between Slackware and
> mainstream Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Debian) I'm aware of, is that x86-64
> Slackware isn't multiarch by default.
> The package is on slackbuilds.org [2]. The direct link to the build script
> is [3].
> GDC looks pretty nice. I had only one problem: I got a linking error if I
> use core.stdc.stdarg; not sure if it is my failure or a bug. But I could
> build my library and run tests. Pretty nice.

What's the linker error?

> I also would like to point to the "GCC tiny" tutorial [4]. The tutorial
> tells how to create a GCC frontend for a Pascal-like language, tiny. And it
> is a great thing to learn about GCC internals for someone who wants to help
> with GDC development, the best one I could find in the last months.
> [4] http://thinkingeek.com/gcc-tiny/

Looks good.  A simpler GCC frontend would be


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